Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The confused...

Conservatives confuse capitalism with the mechanisms of regulating a society for the common good of all citizens... The latter process usually referred to as politics.

Capitalism addresses markets: good and services... Somehow our elected officials believe there is a diminished role for leadership and stewardship of our SOCIETY ... things like education, etc. are left to the whims of the market and its demand for "lower prices" ... This is shear madness.

A perfect example is my state's budget (process): The majority Republican legislature is so adverse to a (temporary sales) tax increase that it is willing to further cut-funding to our already dismal education system... (ranked 48th or so our of the 50 states). What's even more discusting is that they seriously considered abdicating there responsibility as representatives and making the tax hike proposal a ballot measure...

Does anyone even know what "representative democracy" means anymore?

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