Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Neadertals strike again...

Human Voices
Senator Joe Lieberman is a cheap, pandering whore without a principle in his head and without much concern for history. Instead of being able to come up with some means to combat and prevent acts of terrorism, he's still looking for ways to make a criminal organization into a superpower complete with Army, Navy, Air Force and probably nuclear missiles. Any one working for a foreign terrorist organization should be stripped of his rights as a citizen. He doesn't bother to clarify whether that's before or after a fair trial, but I suspect the whole idea of a fair trial is anathema to his sort of Neanderthal conservatism. What an idiotic response to a failed truck bomb: attack the cornerstone of American liberty.

Aren't our representatives supposed to understand the concepts of due process? ... the idea that ESPECIALLY the accused are entitled to representation and their day in court?

The very thought of stripping a citizens rights because 'he scares us' is so pathetically anti-American and paranoid that I can't understand how anyone who professes to believe in 'freedom and liberty' can expound such ideas.

So much for enlightenment thinking... Back to the age of fear and loathing.

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