Thursday, November 04, 2010

The current mess -- and the short memory of the American People

Let's recap W's record & how we got so screwed up in less than a decade shall we?
  1. 90% of his tax cuts go to top 1% of earners -- contrib to...
  2. Worst job creation record for an expanding economy in modern history (for a 8 year period of expansion)... Trickle-down again fails us.
  3. Turning record surpluses into record federal DEBT because...
  4. Starting a war with a country that had nothing to do with attacking us!
  5. NOT asking us to pay for the war, and spending a trillion on it ... not to mention building infrastructure in ANOTHER COUNTRY (while continuing to neglect our own infrastructure)
  6. Creating a new, completely unfunded (i.e. deficit financed) ENTITLEMENT (as opposed to Health Care with is proj to SAVE the gov money because of Medicare savings)
  7. Continued deregulation (which was started back in the '80s) that contrib'd to the collapse of the financial system
  8. ... i'm too tired to go on ...

Some people actually want this idiot and his cronies back? I mean how incredibly short a memory can people have? Dems may be ineffectual -- often! -- but at least their policies don't actively sabotage the economy, country at large and the world.