Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My two cents...

While I don't blame the Tucson shootings earlier this week on the rhetoric of the rabid right... I do think we need to be honest: such extreme and violent hyperbole certainly sets a tone where-by the crazies in our society can work themselves into a frenzy.

I have to say, the Pima county sherrif echo's some of my thoughts on the matter. From an interview on Fox News:
"I think it’s time as a country we need to do a little soul searching because I think that the vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from the people in the radio business, and some people in the T.V. business, and what we see on T.V. and how are youngsters are being raised.  It may be free speech but it does not come without consequences.  Arizona has become the Mecca of prejudice and bigotry."
[Heraldo] Rivera then accused Democrats of taking of advantage of those comments, and asked Dupnik whether he regretted "speculating" on the motive.  Dupnik responds,
"Not in any way shape or form...It doesn't surprise me that people from the right would be upset that people like myself, and maybe people from the left, and a whole lot of other people in America feel as I do, that the anger that's purposefully generated by people who make a living off of it, serves one particular party better than the others.  And it wouldn't surprise me if it continues through at least 2012."
That's the problem: far too many pseudo-news folks -- almost exclusively on Fox -- make their living by spewing vitriol and fomenting hate. ... and that vitriol doesn't come from both sides of the isle. The usual strategy employed by the right's media outlet (FOX) is to repeat lies... or to exaggerate some kernal of truth to the point of absurdity.  Remember the recent poll? Fox News viewers where the most likely folks to be mis-informed about the FACTS associated with actual or proposed legislation. It's fair to say that Fox's stock-n-trade is whipping people into a frenzy over marginally true - at best - information. Most of the time it's just a re-write of history (e.g. - you can be sure almost anything 'historical' that comes out of Glenn Beck's mouth is either completely wrong or taken completely out of context... esp with reference to the founders of this nation).

Half of the problem is the American public. I don't know how many people swallow this non-sense without the slightest nod toward critical thinking. Take Sarah Palin's anti-socialism platform. Do ANY of her devotees stop to consider that she was governor (however briefly) of the most socialistic state in the union? Where else can you live, pay NO taxes -- while expected corporations who operate in your state to not only pay all the taxes for operating the state -- but also to pay every man, woman and child for living there? Sounds kinda socialistic to me (i.e. - the state's resources are for everyone - not just the oil companies that take the resources for profit).

Only when people start to ask questions... read history for themselves (Thomas Jefferson's letters and writings are a good place to start) will people be able to shake off the non-sense spewed by the ridiculous right. That should make making a living at Fox News a lot harder. ... and maybe cool the discourse so we can actually have a debate and not a shouting match; or worse.

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