Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The GOP sure knows how to breed d'em crazies...

Undercover video exposes Bachmann anti-gay therapy | Raw Replay

Why aren't these people laughed out of the public sqauare? I mean, come on! Besides being HARMFUL, trying to make gay people straight is as effective as praying for an amputee to regrow a limb: it ain't gonna happen.

Imagine if Bachmann's husband's "clinic" used witchcraft and spells to turn gays straight... They would be laughed out of existence... But because they mumble there incantations to Jesus -- to the SAME effect -- somehow its accepted.

I simply don't understand how the people of Minn could elect someone who is so out of touch with reality. Needless to say its frightening that such a person could seriously seek the highest office in the land. In any sane nation, the laughter would fill the airwaves.

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